EVO BEMER - Canada
Please watch these 2 videos when your BEMER arrives
BEMER Premium-Set EVO - Unboxing and Usage CANADA
https://vimeo.com/801026009/8e831ee628 (12:00 min)
This video will take you through the unboxing and set up of your Premium- Set Evo. Each component will be explained, allowing you to fully appreciate the contents of your BEMER package.
BEMER Evo Basic Plan - Canada
https://vimeo.com/801016377/efc6bb87a2 (7:31 min)
This is your guide to optimizing your BEMER Premium-Set Evo experience. Learn how to maximize the full potential of your BEMER by following the Basic Plan.

Additional information on the BEMER EVO SET - Canada
B.BOX https://vimeo.com/801023729/bcca2fd3a3 (3:00 min)
The B.BOX Evo is the controller, high-resolution touchscreen display, operation of individual applicators for the BEMER Evo System.
B.BODY https://vimeo.com/801077745/d8a5a08f5f (2.00 min)
The B.BODY Evo is a comfortable full-body applicator for everyday use.
B.BED https://vimeo.com/801025585/80c00e8040 (1:36 min)
The B.BED Evo is a flat, breathable full-body applicator for your bed. Enhance your sleep routines with the B.BED Evo!
B.PAD https://vimeo.com/801022801/fb1a381166 (1.00 min)
Check out the B.Pad. Make your session hands-free and targeted with this applicator.
B.SPOT https://vimeo.com/801023325/7e5e3258df (1:00 min)
Check out this local applicator module, which can be connected that can help you target specific areas.
B.LIGHT https://vimeo.com/802887692/973d972a04 (1:22 min)
The B.Light Clear Evo and B.Light Restore Evo are application modules for the emission of monochromatic, non-coherent light. Check out what the B.Light can do!
Expert Mode https://vimeo.com/843359154/b8df12d26c (1:43 min)
Discover the versatility of the Expert mode, empowering users to craft personalized programs tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
Basic Settings https://vimeo.com/843357546/508c4c47df (3:00 min)
Instructional video on operating various settings and customizing personalized user preferences for your BEMER Evo System. Enhance your understanding of the system's functionalities while gaining the ability to tailor it to your specific needs.
EVO Instruction Manual
For General Information, Safety, Technical Data, Recommended Use, and HOW TO USE your new BEMER EVO please read the instruction manual.